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Hill-Rom bed parts
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Hill-Rom Advance Series Bed Advance Series Bed ZoneAire Sleep Surface Upgrade Kit
Hill-Rom Advanta™ Bed Architectural Products Accessories
Hill-Rom Affinity Bed CareAssist
Hill-Rom Affinity® Three Birthing Bed Comfortline Mattress
Hill-Rom Century™ Bed DiamondCare® Console Outlet
Hill-Rom Century CC© Bed DiamondCare® Wall Outlet and Accessories
Hill-Rom Patient Care Bed DuraStar Series Stretcher
Hill-Rom Resident™ LTC Bed EpiCarePorter™ Support Arm System
Hill-Rom Resident® Low Bed EpiCare™ Ceiling Column
Hill-Rom Retractable Bed EpiCare™ Support Arm
Hill-Rom TotalCare® Bariatric FlexSys® Pivoting Power Column
Hill-Rom TotalCare® Bed System Harbor Glen™ Furnishings
Hill-Rom TotalCare® Bed System (Rev A) Horizon® Headwall System
Hill-Rom TotalCare® Bed System (Rev B) Integris™ 1000 Headwall System
Hill-Rom VersaCare™ Integris™ 2000 Headwall System
  Integris™ Monitor Arm

Integris™ Patient Light (Rev A)
TranStar Series Stretcher Integris® 2002 Headwall System
GPS Stretcher Integris® Patient Light (Rev B)
  Long Term Care Overbed Table

Neonatal Horizon Headwall System
Tri-Flex Bariatric Bed OSPREY™ LTC Bed
  On3™ Lateral Transfer Device
PRIMA ™ Prevention Mattress Series
Power Column
Prima Surgical Light
Prima™ Procedural Light
Procedural Recliner
Procedural Recliner (Rev A)
Remote Alarm Modules
RESUSCITAIRE® Radiant Warmer
Senior Seating™ Collection
Sleeper Chair and P375 ImageMakers™ Sleeper Chair
TRANS°LIFT™ Resident Sling Lift
TRANS°LIFT™ Resident Stand Assist
TranSit Resident Transfer Chair
ZoneAire Sleep Surface System
Hill-Rom Hospital Beds
Hill-Rom Parts Numerically
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Part Number Description
126326 5" Brake and Steer Caster
127940 Reservoir
130066 Assembly 120V Power Control Module
130624 Intermediate Rail Assembly HRSE LH
130625 Intermediate Rail Assembly HRSE RH
131554 Transtar Brake/Steer Upgrade
13206 HDWR Kit for 2 Tables
132589 Gas Spring Assembly
13416613 Cord, Power 
13416613-06 Power Cord
13522801 Advanta Sensor Strip - Head
13522802 Advanta Sensor Strip Seat Section
135569 5th Wheel Link
135574 5th Wheel Arm Weldment
13558258 Pedal Pad Brake / Steer
135965 Ticking Replacement
137558 Assembly Scale with Motion
138197 Pod Housing Front With Membrane
140134 Mattress Ticking Cover
14013702 Total Sport Care Covers
140465 Label-Head Agle Lft Hand
140466 Label-Head Angle Rt. Hand
142000 PCB P3200 Siderail Assembly
142320 Trend Gas Spring
142620S Calf Support Arm Assembly LH
142621S Calf Support Arm Assembly (RH)
142623 Label HD SR W/NEL W/O Onsite Right Hand
142752 Heel Cup Support
142918 Cap, Pivot Block
14334 Pedal, Butterfly
143554 Block, Pivot
145103 Bellows, Foot Support Kit RH
145104 Bellows, Foot Support Kit, LH
146628S Calf Support Pad & Arm Assembly RH
146683S Calf Support Pad & Arm Assembly LH
14723001 Head Angle Indicator Label
149709 Hill-Rom Logo Label
151208 Assembly Logic PCB
155067 Care Assist Pendant Service Kit
155894 Labels for Calf Support Arm
19833-48 Wire cover
1983333 Wire Cover
22646 Felt Pads
25208PL Axle PL
25210 Pushnut, FLRND,.021
26078 Latch Block
28328 Lighting Insert Blank - Taupe
28508S Nurse Call Insert Out/Inner Assembly LH
28509S Nurse Call Insert Out/Inner Assembly RH
28550 Speaker
29387 Coupling disk
29474S Head Drive Assembly
3054801 Cable Assy TFSCM to TSCM
32572 Screw
32575 Steer Pedal (Gray)
3261248 Top Cane Taupe
32999S Hi-Lo Motor Assy
33070 Side guard Assembly Left (Taupe)
33071 Side Guard Assembly Right (Taupe)
33603 Stop Bumper
34340S Head Motor For Advance 2000 (3 motor)
34341S Knee Motor Assembly
34342S Hi-Lo Motor
34404 Communication Housing Front - Taupe
3440848 Cover Plate
344490233 Communication Housing
34516-PL Stiffener Plate PL
3455733 Roller Bumper
34683 Screws
34794S Pivot slide Assembly
35206 Cover Control Housing - Lt. Neutral
35206T Cover Control Housing - Taupe
35207 End Cane Taupe
35211LN Wire Cover - Lt. Neutral
35211T Wire Cover - Taupe
35642 Brake Pedal (Red)
3573448 Side Cover Right Hand With Label
3573548 Side cover Left Hand With Label
36199S Hydraulic Fluid
36250 Coupling Assy
36614 Roll-Pin
36790 Rivet
36958 Lube Film spray
37992 Head Panel Assembly
3839301 Left Hand Patient Control Overlay
38587 Touch-Up Paint - Gray
3865748S Right Side Guard Frame Assembly
3866448S Left Side Guard Frame Assembly
38827 Touch-Up Paint - Lt. Neutral
3990148 Mattress Stop
40294 Foot Board Shell Assembly Color: Light Oak
40435 Capacitor
40816PL LH Handle Bracket
40819PLS RH Handle Bracket
40919 Push Rod Latch & Assembly
40952 Dampener-Extension
41022 Pivot Block
41024 Pivot Block Plate
41078-48 Head Board Bushing Lt. Neutral - Round
41250-48 Head Board Bushing Lt. Neutral - Oval
41370 Lock Washer
42081S Right Hand Assembly
421401 Screw Hi-Low
4214101 Screw Hi-Lo
42247 Mechanism Block bottom
42694 Scale Door Assembly
42797 Label Scale Assembly
42822-01 Motor Control Board
4282201S PCB Assembly HV/Power Control
4282202S High Voltage Control Board
42845 Lift Nut Assembly
42846 Radial Bracket
42847 Thrust Bushing
4327148S Lift Arm Assembly Advance
4327248S Head Drive Screw Assembly
43370RFB Head Motor
4360448 Receptacle Bracket
4370905S Left Side Rail Assembly
43838 Brake Steer Caster
43839 Brake Caster
43840 Caster
43878 Button Head Screw
43880 Tap Screws
43940PL Brake Pedal Welded Assy LH PL
439460148 End Cap Cross Tube LH
439460248 End Cap Cross Tube RH
44064 Stop bumpers
44076 Hydraulic Pump Cylinder
44116 Brake Steer Spacer
4415804S Logic Board
4415805S Logic Board
44195-01 Patient control Assembly (Right)
44196-01 Patient control Assembly (Left)
4419601 Patient Control Panel
4435 Nut, Hex
44433PL Brake Pedal Welded Asy RH PL
4471901 Power Supply Board Assembly
4476001P Power Supply Board Air
44789S Seat Section
4508466 Caster 6" Brake
4569502S PC Board Assembly
45904S Air Board
4595009 Switch Memb, Out LH
4595109 Switch Memb, Out RH
46176PL Siderail End Tube
461901 Gas Cylinder For Head Panel
4619101 Head Panel Gas Spring
4620401S Test Port Cable Assembly
46211S Foot Support Assembly Left Hand
4630 Oillite Bushing
46346 Brake Steer Pedal Double
46350 Bumper
46772 Placenta Basin
4703801 Total Care PC Board Assembly
4714301S Perm Infusion Support Module
471430301 Handle Assembly - Left
471430302S Handle Assembly - Right
4714711S Assy Service GCI, E
4715302 Bumper Rivet
47172 Screw Tap Wash TX&
47219 Bumper
4725001PC CPR Pedal Left
4725002PC CPR Pedal Right
4727102PL D Pin,.375,4.357
4727301 Nylon Screw
4727302 Nylon Screw #10-24 x 1.125
47287 Hi Low Link Head
47288 Sensor Link Lower HiLo
47323 Dampener Compression
4733601 Power Cord
4736101 Cable, GCI LON
475 Blue Regular Cuff
476 Red Large Cuff
47601-S Calf Support assembly
4840401 DIO GBPPC2506, BRDG
4843301P PCB Assembly Bed Up/Down, T
4850201S Cable Assembly Hi-Lo Pos Sensor
4910102 RH Caregiver Control Label
49101101 Label TC Caregiver Control Left Hand
49101102 Label TC Caregiver Control Right Hand
4910701 Label Patient Articulation LH
4910702 Label Patient Articulation RH
4915802 Link Piston Sensor
49168 Cover Top Center Base
4918116S Cylinder Assembly Hi-Lo FT Hydr
49451 Label Blank 2 Botton
49452 Label Blank 4 Button
49492101 Label TC CPR/Emer
6305901S Cable Assy Weigh FR-S/R LH
60792PL Headed Pin Surgical Brake
60949 Nut, Hex Jam
61184S Left Leg Gas Spring
6141002S Logic Board Top assembly
616350548S Left Hand Advance Side Rail
62228 Hex Head Bolt
62567 Nylon Screw #6-32 x 1/2"
6263109S Scale control Panel
62876 Control Panel doors
6305902S Cable Assy Weigh Fr-S/R RH
6309501S Cable Assembly Head Left
6317001P Century Plus PC Board
63392S TFSCM Module
63393S Assembled TSCM Sub Module
6360802 Bed Exit Sensor, Small
63809PCS Lift Arm Assembly Advanta
64036 CPR Sleeve
64581 Cover Tub
65049102 Label TC Warning
6543012 Foot Articulation Cylinder
6548701P PCB Assembly Weigh Frame Junc
65501 Label Group Retracting
65673 Limit Switch - Vein
65678 Limit Switch Vein
6604102 Heel Cup Support Right Side
66290S Total Care Stepper Motor
6678301 (1900) Intermediate Side Rail Gasket - Right
6678302 (1900) Intermediate Side Rail Gasket - Left
66784 (1900) Intermediate Side Rail Gasket
66785 (1900) Intermediate Side Rail Gasket Panel side
67230 Dampener
69469 Cable Right Ciled Low Voltage Power
69471 Cable Left Coiled Communication
6968701PL Base Bracket LH
6968702PL Base Bracket
69689PL Pivot Bracket
6981101 Side Rail Cover With Pod (Left Hand)
6981102 Side Rail Cover With Pod (RT) Hand
69814 Label For Trend
6982301 Intermediate Side Rail Cover Left Hand
6982302 Intermediate Side Rail Cover Rt. Hand
6982501 Left Head Side Rail Cover
69951 3/8 Hose Barb Coupler
6995801 Load Cell Assembly
7000201 PC Knee Motor
70271 Stem and Horn Only-Brake
70377 Side Rail Gasket
70786S Power Supply Heat Sink Assembly
7081601 Label Head Elevation Left side
7081602 Label Head Elevation RH
7082501 Non Scale Warning Label
7082502 Side Rail Warning and Scale Instrument Label
7087603 Label Pod Scale PTM Air
71008 Base Shroud
71550 Intermediate Side Rail Gasket
71805 Continuous Topper Foam
72270P PC Board Logic Control Assembly
72273P PCB Motor Control Assembly
72282P PCB Caregiver Control Stan
72284P PCB Optional Caregiver Control A
72578 Screw Cover
9001828 Screw Cap
9019606 Screws
9022919 Brake Caster
9022934 Lock Caster, Nonconductive
9025924 Bolt, Shoulder Hxst
9025936 Screw 5/16 x 18 x 2 1/4
90338-10 Shoulder Screw
9033810 Shoulder Screw
CCU-Taupe Head Foot Board
CR5-080 Caster total Lock 5"
M98V235 Field Upgrade Steering Module
NP-100 Mattress
P100A4 Mattress For The Century Bed (80")
P1414BK Zone Aire Mattress Cover
P1420EC03 GPS Mattress Assembly 3" Standard
P1430ECS4 Transtar Gurney Mattress
P1432ECS4 Transtar Mattress
P1915ED5 Pulmonary Surface
P1915EF9 Total Care Treatment Surface
P3207C01 Pendant With Nurse Call
P3617 Head Board for Affinity II (Medium Oak)
P4063ROK Foot Board For The #1130 Bed
P923CDK Mattress Ticking Cover
PCB48392-02 Patient Positioning Assembly Left
PCB48392-03 Patient Positioning Assembly Right
RHBASO1L-LN Paralla #8200 Head Rail
RHBASO1R-LN Paralla #8200 Head Rail
3455733 Roller Bumber
SA 1735 Kit LH Int Cable Assembly Gasket
SA0899 Roll Pin Coupling
SA0914 Latch Cover and Push Nut
SA0993 Hi-Lo Motor Cover and Screws
SA1134 Drawer Pull
SA1157 Block Top Adapter Screw
SA1350 GPS Brake Caster
SA1351 8" Brake Steer Caster
SA1359 Brake Steer Caster
SA1360 Brake Caster
SA1383 End Cane and Screws
SA1384 Control Housing Cover and Screws
SA1385 Side Rail Extension End Cane and Screws
SA1387 Top Cane and Screws - Head Side Rail
SA1435 Roller Bumper
SA1457 Latch Pin and Cover Kit
SA1554 Door Assembly W/O Scale Unit
SA1632 Circuit Board Kit
SA1664 Head Hi-Lo Drive Assembly
SA1672 Slide Bracket, Screws
SA1689 Kit Fuse TC PCM Power Control Board
SA1712 Side Rail Gasket Kit
SA1732 Right Caregiver PC Board
SA1733 Kit Lh Caregiver BD & Gasket
SA1734 Kit RH Int Cable Assembly Gasket TC
SA1735 Kit LH Int Cable Assembly Gasket
SA1741 Head Hydraulic Cylinder
SA1742 Foot Hydraulic Cylinder
SA1743 Surgical Head Hydraulic Cylinder
SA1751 Recond Hy Power UNT 120VW/FT Pump
SA3351 Tubes of Grease
SA3712 5" Tente Wheel
SA4843 Back Mechanism Repair Kit for #374 Chair
SA8613 Top Foam
SA8894   Wheel 8 in

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Nursing school Trainting Simulated Headwalls