Hill-Rom Parts Alphabetical List
Hill-Rom Parts Alphabetical List
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3/8 Hose Barb Coupler
5" Brake and Steer Caster
5" Tente Wheel
5th Wheel Arm Weldment
5th Wheel Link
8" Brake Steer Caster
Advanta Sensor Strip - Head
Advanta Sensor Strip Seat Section
Air Board
Assembled TSCM Sub Module
Assembly 120V Power Control Module
Assembly Logic PCB
Assembly Scale with Motion
Assy Service GCI, E
Axle PL
Back Mechanism Repair Kit for #374 Chair
Base Bracket
Base Bracket LH
Base Shroud
Bed Exit Sensor, Small
Bellows, Foot Support Kit RH
Bellows, Foot Support Kit, LH
Block Top Adapter Screw
Block, Pivot
Blue Regular Cuff
Bolt, Shoulder Hxst
Brake Caster
Brake Caster
Brake Caster
Brake Pedal (Red)
Brake Pedal Welded Assy LH PL
Brake Pedal Welded Asy RH PL
Brake Steer Caster
Brake Steer Caster
Brake Steer Pedal Double
Brake Steer Spacer
Bumper Rivet
Button Head Screw
Cable Assembly Head Left
Cable Assembly Hi-Lo Pos Sensor
Cable Assy TFSCM to TSCM
Cable Assy Weigh FR-S/R LH
Cable Assy Weigh Fr-S/R RH
Cable Left Coiled Communication
Cable Right Ciled Low Voltage Power
Cable, GCI LON
Calf Support Arm Assembly (RH)
Calf Support Arm Assembly LH
Calf Support assembly
Calf Support Pad & Arm Assembly LH
Calf Support Pad & Arm Assembly RH
Cap, Pivot Block
Care Assist Pendant Service Kit
Caster 6" Brake
Caster total Lock 5"
Century Plus PC Board
Circuit Board Kit
Communication Housing
Communication Housing Front - Taupe
Continuous Topper Foam
Control Housing Cover and Screws
Control Panel doors
Cord, Power 
Coupling Assy
Coupling disk
Cover Control Housing - Lt. Neutral
Cover Control Housing - Taupe
Cover Plate
Cover Top Center Base
Cover Tub
CPR Pedal Left
CPR Pedal Right
CPR Sleeve
Cylinder Assembly Hi-Lo FT Hydr
D Pin,.375,4.357
Dampener Compression
Door Assembly W/O Scale Unit
Drawer Pull
End Cane and Screws
End Cane Taupe
End Cap Cross Tube LH
End Cap Cross Tube RH
Felt Pads
Field Upgrade Steering Module
Foot Articulation Cylinder
Foot Board For The #1130 Bed
Foot Board Shell Assembly Color: Light Oak
Foot Hydraulic Cylinder
Foot Support Assembly Left Hand
Gas Cylinder For Head Panel
Gas Spring Assembly
GPS Brake Caster
GPS Mattress Assembly 3" Standard
Handle Assembly - Left
Handle Assembly - Right
HDWR Kit for 2 Tables
Head Angle Indicator Label
Head Board Bushing Lt. Neutral - Oval
Head Board Bushing Lt. Neutral - Round
Head Board for Affinity II (Medium Oak)
Head Drive Assembly
Head Drive Screw Assembly
Head Foot Board
Head Hi-Lo Drive Assembly
Head Hydraulic Cylinder
Head Motor
Head Motor For Advance 2000 (3 motor)
Head Panel Assembly
Head Panel Gas Spring
Head Rail
Head Rail
Headed Pin Surgical Brake
Heel Cup Support
Heel Cup Support Right Side
Hex Head Bolt
Hi Low Link Head
High Voltage Control Board
Hill-Rom Logo Label
Hi-Lo Motor
Hi-Lo Motor Assy
Hi-Lo Motor Cover and Screws
Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic Pump Cylinder
Intermediate Rail Assembly HRSE LH
Intermediate Rail Assembly HRSE RH
Intermediate Side Rail Cover Left Hand
Intermediate Side Rail Cover Rt. Hand
Intermediate Side Rail Gasket
Intermediate Side Rail Gasket
Intermediate Side Rail Gasket - Left
Intermediate Side Rail Gasket - Right
Intermediate Side Rail Gasket Panel side
Kit Fuse TC PCM Power Control Board
Kit Lh Caregiver BD & Gasket
Kit LH Int Cable Assembly Gasket
Kit LH Int Cable Assembly Gasket
Kit RH Int Cable Assembly Gasket TC
Knee Motor Assembly
Label Blank 2 Botton
Label Blank 4 Button
Label For Trend
Label Group Retracting
Label HD SR W/NEL W/O Onsite Right Hand
Label Head Elevation Left side
Label Head Elevation RH
Label Patient Articulation LH
Label Patient Articulation RH
Label Pod Scale PTM Air
Label Scale Assembly
Label TC Caregiver Control Left Hand
Label TC Caregiver Control Right Hand
Label TC CPR/Emer
Label TC Warning
Label-Head Agle Lft Hand
Label-Head Angle Rt. Hand
Labels for Calf Support Arm
Latch Block
Latch Cover and Push Nut
Latch Pin and Cover Kit
Left Hand Advance Side Rail
Left Hand Patient Control Overlay
Left Head Side Rail Cover
Left Leg Gas Spring
Left Side Guard Frame Assembly
Left Side Rail Assembly
LH Handle Bracket
Lift Arm Assembly Advance
Lift Arm Assembly Advanta
Lift Nut Assembly
Lighting Insert Blank - Taupe
Limit Switch - Vein
Limit Switch Vein
Link Piston Sensor
Load Cell Assembly
Lock Caster, Nonconductive
Lock Washer
Logic Board
Logic Board
Logic Board Top assembly
Lube Film spray
Mattress For The Century Bed (80")
Mattress Stop
Mattress Ticking Cover
Mattress Ticking Cover
Mechanism Block bottom
Motor Control Board
Non Scale Warning Label
Nurse Call Insert Out/Inner Assembly LH
Nurse Call Insert Out/Inner Assembly RH
Nut, Hex
Nut, Hex Jam
Nylon Screw
Nylon Screw #10-24 x 1.125
Nylon Screw #6-32 x 1/2"
Oillite Bushing
Patient control Assembly (Left)
Patient control Assembly (Right)
Patient Control Panel
Patient Positioning Assembly Left
Patient Positioning Assembly Right
PC Board Assembly
PC Board Logic Control Assembly
PC Knee Motor
PCB Assembly Bed Up/Down, T
PCB Assembly HV/Power Control
PCB Assembly Weigh Frame Junc
PCB Caregiver Control Stan
PCB Motor Control Assembly
PCB Optional Caregiver Control A
PCB P3200 Siderail Assembly
Pedal Pad Brake / Steer
Pedal, Butterfly
Pendant With Nurse Call
Perm Infusion Support Module
Pivot Block
Pivot Block Plate
Pivot Bracket
Pivot slide Assembly
Placenta Basin
Pod Housing Front With Membrane
Power Cord
Power Cord
Power Supply Board Air
Power Supply Board Assembly
Power Supply Heat Sink Assembly
Pulmonary Surface
Push Rod Latch & Assembly
Pushnut, FLRND,.021
Radial Bracket
Receptacle Bracket
Recond Hy Power UNT 120VW/FT Pump
Red Large Cuff
RH Caregiver Control Label
RH Handle Bracket
Right Caregiver PC Board
Right Hand Assembly
Right Side Guard Frame Assembly
Roll Pin Coupling
Roller Bumber
Roller Bumper
Roller Bumper
Scale control Panel
Scale Door Assembly
Screw 5/16 x 18 x 2 1/4
Screw Cap
Screw Cover
Screw Hi-Lo
Screw Hi-Low
Screw Tap Wash TX&
Seat Section
Sensor Link Lower HiLo
Shoulder Screw
Shoulder Screw
Side cover Left Hand With Label
Side Cover Right Hand With Label
Side guard Assembly Left (Taupe)
Side Guard Assembly Right (Taupe)
Side Rail Cover With Pod (Left Hand)
Side Rail Cover With Pod (RT) Hand
Side Rail Extension End Cane and Screws
Side Rail Gasket
Side Rail Gasket Kit
Side Rail Warning and Scale Instrument Label
Siderail End Tube
Slide Bracket, Screws
Steer Pedal (Gray)
Stem and Horn Only-Brake
Stiffener Plate PL
Stop Bumper
Stop bumpers
Surgical Head Hydraulic Cylinder
Switch Memb, Out LH
Switch Memb, Out RH
Tap Screws
Test Port Cable Assembly
TFSCM Module
Thrust Bushing
Ticking Replacement
Top Cane and Screws - Head Side Rail
Top Cane Taupe
Top Foam
Total Care PC Board Assembly
Total Care Stepper Motor
Total Care Treatment Surface
Total Sport Care Covers
Touch-Up Paint - Gray
Touch-Up Paint - Lt. Neutral
Transtar Brake/Steer Upgrade
Transtar Gurney Mattress
Transtar Mattress
Trend Gas Spring
Tubes of Grease
Wheel 8 in
Wire cover
Wire Cover
Wire Cover - Lt. Neutral
Wire Cover - Taupe
Zone Aire Mattress Cover